Our Mission

It's actually easy to see why our mission is to create focused baseball training for the serious ballplayer. If you watch youth and high school baseball in this region, what stands out is the significant lack of fundamental skills on display. Too many players are using natural athletic ability and lack foundation or a strong grounding in the many disciplines needed to play the game at higher levels.

The lack of good “fundies” manifests itself in the simplest disciplines. Very few ballplayers throw properly. Even fewer have an “approach” when they step to the plate. Fielders lack the footwork and body positioning to make plays that depend on agile footwork, quick transfers and overall efficiency of movement. Coaches are calling virtually all the pitches, so pitchers and catchers are not learning how to read the hitter's setup, not to mention "sequencing" pitches in accordance with repertoire and how many times they've been through the batting order. Why use a breaking pitch the first time through the order, if fastballs at a couple of speeds, in & out or ‘up-the-ladder’ will do the trick?

And no ballplayer can successfully advance to varsity high school ball, college ball or beyond—without understanding how to think the game, as well as execute properly.

So, why are we seeing such a lack of sound and solid fundamental skills?

Here are a few compelling reasons:

  • Youngsters are not playing or practicing the game outside of organized situations. Very few go to a ball field in small groups to workout. Less sandlot ball means less throwing, less running, less glove work and less swings (and no fungo swings, which actually help develop hitting skills).
  • Young ballplayers are not watching the game, which leads to confusion on the base paths and in the field. It also creates a lack of knowledge when it comes to situational baseball, rules and working with umpires.
  • Youth baseball leagues, club & travel teams and pay-per-play organizations promote too many games and reps, but hardly any instruction and way too few quality practices. This is especially damaging to players because they process and repeat poor fundamentals over and over and then utilize those same poor fundamentals in games. Go to any youth or even high school game and these issues immediately come to the fore.
  • Here in the Pacific Northwest, we tend to have mild, but wet winters and wet springs, which puts a real crimp on quality outdoor practice time.

This is why we have created Advanced Skills Baseball Academy and our unique baseball training classroom.

Our mission is to deliver serious baseball instruction to the serious ballplayer in Southwest Washington and the Portland area. We always stress the importance of sound and solid fundamentals. We teach the game from the ground up, with expertise and with an eye toward real improvement.

Advanced Skills Baseball is about advancing baseball skills and the baseball IQ of every student. And while we seek serious ballplayers, our diverse and qualified instructors bring their unique personalities and backgrounds to each and every class and student in an enjoyable and nurturing manner. No yelling here!

One of the additional benefits of attending Advanced Skills Baseball is our synergy with the Evergreen Baseball Umpires Association. In fact, our pitchers and catchers work with real live umpires on a regular basis during the preseason.

Please take a few minutes to explore our exclusive programs, our cutting-edge instructors and our climate-controlled baseball classroom—and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Advanced Skills Baseball.