Arena 8


 1.   NO horseplay or fooling around at any time

2.   NO food, seeds, gum, chew or drinks (other than bottled water)

3.   Bottled water must be kept outside chain-link fence

4.   All non-participants must stay outside chain-link fence

5.   NO balls are to be brought into facility (ASB supplies balls)

6.   ASB does not supply bats, helmets or gloves

7.   Only utilize the space to which you are assigned

8.   Observers are requested to not talk while in the baseball classroom

9.   All cell phones must be kept “off” at all times

10. Yankee apparel is not permitted in the facility


— Place equipment bags under bench

— Start and finish on-time

— Do not wander into adjacent business spaces

— Keep our bathroom facilities and common areas clean



1.   Batting helmets must be worn during ALL hitting activities

2.   Bats, helmets and footwear must be clean and in good condition

3.   Clean rubber-soled shoes must be worn at all times (NO cleats or spikes)

4.   Only instructors/coaches are permitted to operate pitching machines

5.   DO NOT enter tunnel when pitching machine is operating

6.   L-Screens must be used for all pitching to hitters, short toss & machine operation

7.   All bags & equipment carriers must remain outside chain-link fence

8.   NO younger siblings or guests allowed inside chain-link fence

9.   NO swinging of bats or throwing balls outside chain-link fence

10. Keep hands off of chain-link fence and stay clear of the gates

Please take notice...

— Report all injuries & problems to the staff

— Hospital emergency room is located less than one-mile east on Mill Plain Blvd.

• Street parking is available on Delaware Lane & Garrison Avenue.

• Lot parking is available in the three large lots to the west of the building.