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Advanced Skills Baseball training is not for everyone. It is designed for a limited number of serious ballplayers intent on strengthening fundamental skills.

Our programs—first and foremost—stress fundamentals to small groups of players. Why small group lessons? Because very few families can afford private instruction. So, we have come up with an even better way to get to the next level and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. As such, getting in the rotation, so to speak, is most important and a two-fold process: (1) reserve space early; and (2) be prepared to learn and have fun.

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Our Baseball Training Advantages

A relentless pursuit of fundamental skills.

Nothing is more important than developing and refining fundamental skills in each and every baseball discipline. It's time to stop relying on athletic ability alone and focus on what will get you to the next level. And no one does the "fundie" thing like the Advanced Skills Baseball Academy.


Instructors who actually teach, nurture and inspire.

Just look at our roster of diverse and talented instructors, who come from a wide variety of baseball backgrounds. Now, imagine those talents rolled into thoughtful baseball educators who actually teach all aspects of the game. Never a lecture. Always a lesson. That's what you'll find when you train at Advanced Skills Baseball


Our creative, climate-controlled baseball classroom.

The perfect space to learn the game. Heat and air conditioning to make it a year-round pleasure. The best turf, netting, equipment and lighting in Southwest Washington and well beyond. If you want to learn, why not do it in the comfort of Advanced Skills Baseball Academy's unique baseball classroom?


And how about price, value and location?

We've made quality baseball training affordable. Go elsewhere and pay dearly for games & reps and not improve—OR—pay much less to actually get to the next level with us. Advanced Skills Baseball training will help you achieve your goals at our convenient location just off East Mill Plain & Garrison between I-205 & I-5 near SR-14.