Our Programs

Advanced Skills Baseball training specializes in small group baseball instruction from highly skilled instructors with decades of baseball experience. We are the real deal when it comes to teaching, nurturing and inspiring—not to mention "affordability!"

Our director of hitting instruction—Monte Gunter—has delivered tens of thousands of lessons and coached Clark County baseball and softball players for the past four decades as owner of Upper Deck and Monte's Baseball and as a lead instructor at Extra Innings.

Here are Advanced Skills Baseball Academy's current program offerings:

◊ What's New for the 2019 Preseason?


◊ Season Prep Multi-Skills Workshops (Jan-Mar)


◊ Small Group Lessons & Workshops for Hitting, Pitching & Infield


◊ The Hitting Academy at Advanced Skills Baseball (Fall 2018)


◊ The Catching Academy at Advanced Skills Baseball (Fall 2018)


◊ Softball Team Training Facility