Age Groups Served

Advanced Skills Baseball Academy delivers sound and solid fundamental skills training to serious ballplayers age 9 through 17. We teach, nurture and inspire.

Our baseball training programs generally delineate between age groups with 9-11/12-14/15-17 as the most common breakout in our programs. At times, we will break into two groups: 13 & under/14 & over.

We are not stuck in the mud in terms of these categories. If we feel a 13 year-old can handle the older group, we will suggest moving him up. It is our goal to be able to combine age with ability and challenge the younger player.

We chose the entry age of 9 because we rarely find any youngster of 8 or less to have the prerequisite attention span for the duration of our classes and activities. If you have a youth of 7 or 8, who loves baseball and has displayed some skills, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. If we have a few youngsters less than 9 years-of-age, we can put together a series of small group lesson workshops or a Skills-style opportunity.

Plain and simple, Advanced Skills Baseball training is the new standard when it comes to teaching fundamental baseball skills.  

Accordingly, your feedback is highly valued and always appreciated!