The Hitting Academy at ASB

The Hitting Academy at Advanced Skills Baseball is a consequential no-brainer. If you can't hit (or pitch), you'll likely be taking a seat on the bench or not make the team at all.

There is no more important facet of the game than getting on base and scoring runs.

Each season, pitching improves and hitters—who were relying on athletic ability—start to struggle at the plate. Bad habits, no routines and lack of practicing and repeating correctly, while relying solely on athletic ability, is pervasive in youth and high school baseball. Many parents also encourage more games and take their eye off the importance of quality instruction.

Hitting demands constant attention, practice and repetition, a host of skills and the sharp eye of a hitting instructor intent on development. There are no quick fixes, which is why we devote the months of November and December to breaking down (deconstructing) and building a swing and approach that will really work for our students. Plain and simple—it is a process.


ASB is sad to announce that we are closing our doors after almost a half decade of bringing in-depth instruction and training to hundreds of ballplayers throughout SW Washington and beyond. We thank you for your patronage.


Introducing 'The Hitting Academy'
at Advanced Skills Baseball...

The Hitting Academy at Advanced Skills Baseball offers the Pacific Northwest's premier training program for players who need to deconstruct their swing and learn how developing an "approach" is the only way to hit. This unique program will refine your skills and help take you to the next level.

The Hitting Academy at ASB is comprised of eight 90-minute classes limited to four ballplayers in a common age bracket. At the end of each session, one ballplayer remains for a 55-minute private lesson. So, the Hitting Academy provides 12 hours of small group instruction and two hours of one-on-one.

However, we have one overwhelming issue: Due to our insistence on the highest quality instruction, and very small group size, The Hitting Academy at Advanced Skills Baseball can only accommodate an extremely limited number of participants. So, be sure to reserve a space today!

Eight (8) sessions • Twelve (12) hours
+ Two (2) hours of one-on-one instruction
Limited to only 4 hitters per-class

Ages 11-14 • Grades 5-8
Private lesson for one student follows
Private lesson for one student follows

Ages 15-18 • Grades 9-12
Private lesson for one student follows
Private lesson for one student follows



The Hitting Academy at Advanced Skills Baseball

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