Private & Small Group Lessons, Camps & Workshops

For those ballplayers who are serious about advancing hitting, pitching and infield skills, Advanced Skills Baseball Academy features private & small group lessons, camps & workshops in those disciplines.

The approach utilized in small group lessons, small group camps and small group workshops is particularly useful in terms of keeping costs down and creating real value and affordability. It also provides for a more in-depth exploration of the multitude of disciplines necessary to play baseball at higher levels. A half-hour or even an hour private lesson between instructor and student is just not going to produce the range of issues and situations that will arise during small group lessons of 90 minutes to two hours or more.

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Hitting, pitching and infield small group workshops always utilize the entire baseball classroom and are generally limited to 8 participants (6 for pitching). No risk of these classes becoming overcrowded, as is often the case at many facilities.

For those reasons, and with our keen eye toward development of sound fundamental skills, Advanced Skills Baseball is proud to present the following upcoming Private Lessons, Small Group Instruction, Camps & Workshops...


Monday June 17 from 4:00-9:00PM

Come on down and we'll evaluate ballplayers for small group and private lessons. There is no charge for the evaluation and we will endeavor to schedule private lessons and group instruction during the June 24 thru August 19 period.

We offer private lessons (youth and high school level) in throwing & receiving the ball, hitting, infield and catching for baseball and softball.
Baseball pitching is also offered. 

Special Summer Pricing
Full 55-minute lessons
June 24 thru August 19
upon facility & instructor availability
Three-lesson pak          $165
Six-lesson pak               $295
10-lesson pak                $450
Lessons must be paid on or before the first session.

When purchasing a 10-pak of lessons, we can even mix the disciplines with two throwing & receiving the ball lessons, four or five hitting lessons and three or four pitching or infield lessons.

This is the absolute best value, but depends on interest and turnout. Small group instruction can be anywhere from three to six students and  be from 75 minutes to two hours according to the size of the class.

Based on our evaluation of each ballplayer's needs, we will be able to ascertain the best fit for each player in terms of skills needed and whether or not the appropriate group can be put together.

Contact Us for private and small group lessons.
For the most efficient and value-driven lesson options, put together a small group of 3-8 ballplayers and get in touch!  For instance, you may have five pitchers on your team that would like on-point instruction. We may be able to provide six weeks of small group instruction just for them for as little as $90 each (or only $15 per-week/per-pitcher) for six 90-minute sessions this summer.

This is where we breakdown your swing and develop an approach 
Hitting is a science and we know how to teach!
The Pacific Northwest's premier hitting academy 
Nov. & Dec. 2019
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Catching & Hitting in one neat academy package 

This is where you really learn to catch!
The Pacific Northwest's premier catching academy 
Nov. & Dec. 2019
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Season Prep All-Skills Workshops

(Jan. thru Mar. 2019)

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Check this space often for more Advanced Skills Baseball small group lessons & workshops. If you are interested in private lessons or can put a small group of 2-6 ballplayers together or a team of 7-13 players, we will customize a program that will meet your needs.

Lots to look forward to at Advanced Skills Baseball.