WHAT’S NEW in baseball training for the 2019 preseason?


baseball training

Nothing substitutes for on-point instruction delivered in a crisp and concise manner, and at a price everyone can afford. 

Here's what we have on deck...


Youth Baseball, 9-11U & 12-14U

For an 11-week period on Sundays from January 20 thru March 31, 2019, ASB gets players primed and ready for the youth baseball season with in-depth training (60-65% hitting/35-40% other skills). Our Season Prep Workshops are limited to only eight ballplayers per-workshop.  LEARN MORE

High School Hitting, 14-17U

By popular demand, we have instituted a special hitting workshop for high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Starting Jan. 30 and for six consecutive Wednesdays nights through Mar. 6, we will prepare hitters for high school tryouts and the varsity baseball season. This special Season Prep Hitting Workshop is limited to only six high school hitters.  LEARN MORE

Youth & High School Catching, 10-13U & 14-17U
These Season Prep Workshops are specially designed for baseball catchers. Six sessions for youth catchers and 10 sessions for high school catchers from late-January thru March. Limited to 6-7 qualified catchers in each workshop. LEARN MORE


Advanced Skills Baseball is constantly focused on presenting value-driven quality instruction and insightful baseball training. Upon your request, we will create a series of lessons/workshops for single-player (45 minutes), two-players (60 minutes), three-players (75 minutes), four-players (90 minutes), five-players (105 minutes) and six players (120 minutes). Private and Small Group Lessons & Workshops are available for hitting, pitching, infield, catching, throwing & receiving the ball, and speed & agility. Contact Us for details and a customized schedule for your player or small group.

Our limited-time, limited-participation workshops are laser-focused on developing fundamental baseball skills, and affordably introduce ballplayers to the keys to playing baseball at a higher level.

One of the best ways to achieve the best value at Advanced Skills Baseball is to have ASB instructors train your team. There is no better way to achieve value than to let us professionally train your players for the rigors of the season in a climate-controlled, state-of-the-art facility with the finest inventory of equipment anywhere in the region. 

Available team training times for February thru April:
Sundays          8:00-10:00A
Tuesdays         8:00-10:00P
Wednesdays   6:00-8:00P
Saturdays        5:30-7:00P

If you're looking for cutting-edge training in a state-of-the-art facility at the most affordable price in the region, try our programs and see what Advanced Skills Baseball training can help you accomplish (along with some hard work and discipline).

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Be sure to Contact Us if you'd like to sit in on a workshop session.

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 "THE HITTING ACADEMY" at Advanced Skills Baseball
We breakdown and rebuild your swing and approach. So, step to the plate at The Hitting Academy at ASB. Our on-point instruction will deliver a more focused perspective of the art of hitting. Two classes for youth hitters (9-11U & 12-14U) and one class for high school hitters (15-18U) limited to no more than eight hitters per-age group, will meet on Sunday afternoons (youth) and a weekday evening (high schoolers). LEARN MORE

 "THE CATCHING ACADEMY" at Advanced Skills Baseball
Featuring the Pacific Northwest's premier training program for those players looking to make the ultimate commitment to the game. Our instructors will refine your skills and take you to the next level. This academy, which is designed for serious students of the art of catching. LEARN MORE